2010 10 07 – 2010 10 08

The next day we did some real school work. We had our first tour of the dormitory and of the potential design build sites. The dormitory, Ucenicki Dom “Podmurvice” is an Austro Hungarian building in the shape of a boxy W or an M (depending on which way you look at it), with two courtyards on either side of the church which spans down the center prong. It was a former convent and therefore serves as a perfect dormitory with all of its rooms.

The main problem areas of the dormitory that we looked at were the entry, the courtyards, the corridor around the main building and the lawn around a second smaller dormitory that our class is staying in that is usually used as a dormitory for college aged students.

The entrance was the area that I thought needed the most work. When I had arrived at the dormitory two weeks prior, the taxi driver and I couldn’t tell where the front door of the building was. There were some wayfinding issues that needed to be resolved. When it came time to choose our groups, I wanted to work on the entry because I felt it needed the most help, and I had the most ideas for it.

After reading some of the research Marina had done on what the students are doing there and what they would like to see us, but mostly by just walking by or sitting in the site, I learned that the green space in the entry area is the main hang out spot, not only for students but for members of the church who take care of the church garden which is used to feed those in need. It’s also the major smokers hang out.

The rest of the day was a work day and my group and I used it to come up with ideas and sketches of a possible design.