2010 10 12

So I ended up being the member of the gateway group that was voted out (go figure.. I was the only girl!) and so today was the first day I met with my new partner, and we went out to view the site that we will need to design as the new reconciliation garden. I don’t even know what a reconciliation garden is, so I will need to look up some precedence and figure that out stat… It seems like it will be a challenging area to design because I know this needs to be an area of quiet reflection and a place to resolve conflicts, but it is right next to the front door to the building and therefore gets a lot of traffic and noise. Seems like an oxymoronic site…

In the afternoon we got a guest lecture from Bruno, a man that does work with low impact and green living strategies. It was interesting, but I feel like I’ve already heard everything he had to say. It was nice though because the students from the dormitory were there asking questions and seemed pretty engaged and interested in his lecture.

Later in the day we had a meeting with the mural artist, Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić. He is apparently a very famous Croatian sculptor and painter. We met with him to talk about where he will be painting a mural.