2010 10 22

Lots of digging.

Today some contractors came to clean up the graffiti on one of the sides of the secondary dormitory building to prepare for the mural artist to come and paint.

More excavation and some form work for the new seat wall has installed today

More excavation and some form work for the rock walls and the structure.

Exhibition Space:
A contractor came today with a big excavator to dig out the exhibition area and the reconciliation garden. At around lunch time he hit a water pipe and the entire dormitory was out of water. Since we didn’t have a base map or a map with existing utilities, none of us knew there was a water line there. The plumbers came and fixed the pipes, and then the excavator went over to the reconciliation garden to dig.

Reconciliation Garden:
Since the exhibition space and the reconciliation garden are along the same corridor, I had a feeling that the excavator would hit the same waterline in the reconciliation garden. Sure enough he hit the pipe, but didn’t puncture it this time. We also ran into an electric grounding line a couple of inches away from it. My partner and I had designed a water feature to go in the spot where we found the water and electric lines. Since the utilities were there Marina didn’t want us to build anything that might get destroyed if they ever needed to fix or replace the utilities. The contractor was waiting for his next move, and since he was being paid hourly we needed to change our design in a matter of minutes.

Marina gave a suggestion that I didn’t agree with for functional and also aesthetic reasons. I quickly suggested that we just mirror our design and put the water feature in the other corner. The contractor began digging and then he hit yet another water line and electrical grounding line. At this point I was really frustrated because I didn’t know what to do. We had the contractor dig out the other areas of the site so that he could go home while my partner and I tried to design something else to go in place of the water feature. The water feature was important to the design because it was connected to our path with stepping stones to create a different walking surface, it was the focal point of the site, it provided various sensory experiences, and it was to be the area where storm water from the building would be revealed after being filtered in an adjacent site to create continuity in the design.

Marina finally said that we just can’t have a water feature at all.