Well Hello There!

Hey Guys! My name is Gina and I’ll be studying abroad in Rome this upcoming Winter Quarter. I am so excited, but it seems that my trip has snuck up on me. I almost cannot believe that I am leaving in four days!!! Most of my break has been spent running around Tacoma with my mom and dad trying to get things ready for my trip. My mom has taken me to the bank, not one but three times to ensure that I know how to use my credit card and debit card while I am abroad. We have gone to Triple A, Costco, Half Price Books, the mall, stopped for the occasional coffee at Starbucks, headed over to Trader Joes, the Luggage Store, REI, and that was all just last week! Now all that remains is for me to pack–and I am sure another trip to the bank. Before I go into the ominous task of packing, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Junior at the University of Washington. I have taken my time to narrow down my choice of studies, but have decided to major in English and minor in Art History. I am also obsessed with Italian culture–hence my trip to Italy! I think everything from the language to the after dinner apertivo (a drink that you take after dinner to help you digest your meal) is fascinating and waaay cooler than anything Seattle has to offer me at the moment. I recently took an Italian culture class, which has gotten me pumped to explore the diverse peninsula that was only unified politically in 1860. Okay, so before I ramble (I’ll tell you all about Italy when I get there) let me tell you a little bit more about my packing! With the help of my dedicated mother I have procured a suitcase with which I am going to fill with all of my belongings for three months. I have four days left, and my floor is scattered with all of the possible combination of things I could bring. In an effort to pack light, I have slowly eliminated articles. However, slightly more difficult are my shoes. Parting with these is going to be quite more exasperating than I had imagined. But, in an effort to soothe my nerves, my mom has reminded me that Italy is known for its footwear… So I will let you know how the rest of my packing endeavors went during my TEN HOUR layover in DC on the 3rd. Until then, Happy New Year!!