Preparing for Departure

I’m waiting anxiously on Christmas Eve to see if I will get the REI duffel bag I want for the trip.  I’m not taking that much, a couple knee-length skirts, loose T-shirts, and my Chaco sandals.

What originally attracted me to the program was the time of year, the weather, and the personal challenge for health and wellness.  The food choices are healthier, we will ride several miles on bike each day, and practice yoga and meditation every morning. For credit, we will participate in a service learning project, and take classes on environmental policy and sustainability in the afternoon.  My service learning will be aiding a health center, and other members of the group will be working on organic farms, medicinal gardens, cultural centers, or schools.

Auroville is a small town, about 2,000, from over 45 countries who established the place for “spiritual unity” over 50 years ago.  It’s situated in the south of India, near Pondicherry and Chennai. Over these years a small group of hard working people with an alternative view of the future built forests out of desertified land.  They built the matrimandir, a spiritual building, in the center of the town, dedicated to the “mother” the woman who conceptualized Auroville. We will stay just outside the center of Auroville, in dorm style rooms in the Tibetan and also American pavilions.

For more info on Auroville, visit:

More to come after I arrive!