Two months too long to wait

Most students coming into college are subjected to that adult favorite, “What are you going to study?” Having always been interested in foreign languages and cultures, and (in high school) increasingly those of the eastern Mediterranean, I would reply, “Near Eastern Studies.” Half clarifying, half correcting, they’d ask, “Middle Eastern Studies?” No, I’d say, “Near Eastern Studies.” After explaining the difference, people (including or especially older students) would say, “Well, you’ll change your mind—everyone changes their major at least once.”

I assured them I wouldn’t.

They assured me I would.

Three years later, I’m a Near Eastern Studies major.

My position going into the Boğaziçi exchange is, in some ways, similarly antipodal. While the language of instruction is English, I’ll be in the Turkish literature department; whereas most foreign students stay in the so-called Superdorm, I’m arranging my own accommodations; rather than returning to the UW, I’m graduating at the end of the term. It’s for exactly this kind of flexibility that I chose Boğaziçi over other programs.

While I’ve had a long winter break to get ready (two months too long to wait, really), it seems like I’ve had no time at all—my flight next Wednesday is suddenly close and closing in; everything not going into my backpacking or messenger bag is going into boxes in case (*fingers crossed for grad school*) I move after getting back; and, as I sorted through leftover lira the other day, I came to the realization that this…trip…is about to get very real.

Any stress aside, I’ll admit, it sure beats midterms.