So much to pack, so little time

A little introduction to this blogger: My name is Jenna and I am UW senior about to spend my last quarter as an undergraduate in Rome. With all of my basic graduation requirements covered, I decided that my last 15 credits as a student should be part of an epic adventure. Therefore, I am foregoing the basic lecture slideshow that I have grown accustomed to as an art history major in favor of actually seeing the art in person. The last time I’ve been out of the country was 5 years ago in high school when I spent 3 weeks covering 6 European countries in what I have come to call my traveling whirlwind. That small taste of European culture and history became the reason why I fell in love with art history and I think it is incredibly appropriate for me to finish my studies in one of the cities that started it all. I have been growing increasingly excited with each new day closer to my take off day; and with the finishing line in sight, I’m about to burst with anticipation.

The next two days in Seattle are about to be the longest two days of my life. I’m working through the packing checklist that has been steadily growing for weeks now and (I hope) I have pretty much everything I need minus a few toiletries to get me started. But the fear that I’m going to forget something irreplaceable is really starting to get to me. For example, last night I had a nightmare (yes, I am calling it a nightmare) that I arrived in Rome and realized I forgot my camera. My camera is currently already waiting inside my giant suitcase. I spent the last few days home in Gig Harbor saying goodbye to my family and friends and eating as many cheeseburgers and Mexican food as possible. My last days here are now completely booked with more good-byes (mainly to Mexican food) and plenty of packing-related activities to keep me busy. My room is a complete mess with everything sorted in piles ranking from necessary to optional. But I just know that it’s all going to be worth it that moment when I finally sit down on my flight at 6am on Sunday. I hope you all enjoy my account of this incredible journey with my fellow art history majors. And finally: Arrivederci Seattle and salute Italia!