This is no cave.

OK. Time to gush.


First off, it’s huuuuuge. Like, former office huge. With a newly remodeled kitchen, two bathrooms (excellent water pressure!) and hardwood floors. Even with all six roommates present, it feels roomy. Which is a rare sensation in the world of student living. I was fully expecting to live in a cave of sorts, with bats and moody plumbing. Instead I get this:

Lookit that space! There’s daylight and everything!

OH. And I haven’t even mentioned the view:

A park, a fountain that will spring to life in May, and a beautiful church (bottom photo) that looks like this on the inside?

This is some classy stuff, ladies and gentlemen.

As the imaginary real-estate agent in my head would say: location location location! Karlovo nam. 15 is smack dab in the center of Old Town Prague. That means both my classroom and the oldest buildings in the city are only a hop and a skip away. More importantly, there’s a major tram stop in front of my building door when my feet get tired of the hopping and skipping. 

Oh? Above ground transportation too mainstream for you? BAM! There’s a metro station 10 feet to the right. Transportation? Check!

We are also blessed with an Albert (a supermarket chain) as quite literally next door as one could get. Like, I step out of the parlor, turn my body 90 degrees to the right and suddenly I’m in cheap food wonderland. (The food and the gratuitous pastry eating I’ve been indulging in deserves its own post.)

Soooooo yeah. In terms of accommodations, I am spectacularly lucky.

But, you probably want to hear about the city. Or something. That’s next.