Back to Reality

Like a flash of lightning (meaning 18 hours of flying and a 2 hour layover in JFK) I’m back in Seattle. I’m still going through the nearly 2,000 photos I’ve taken over the past 10 weeks and nothing seems real as I’m launched back into reality.
My way of “settling in” consisted of a 3 day trip to Vegas, during which I was knocked out by 8PM from intense jet lag. At this point it still doesn’t feel like I’m back to stay, but more like visiting before returning to Rome. The first week back I still lived out of a suitcase, away from my apartment and without working at my part-time job. However, I am definitely catching up on the things I missed over the past 10 weeks…mainly Mexican food, cheeseburgers, and Frappuccinos. And being the unsentimental schmuck that I am, I’ve also missed English, customer service, my dog, giant stores, paved roads, iTunes, my iPhone, dryers, and mass available wi-fi too.
But, eventually, reality does what it must do and settle in. I must unpack 3 months worth of stuff + souvenirs, which requires the same energy and space to pack it all up in the first place. It’s also time to graduate from college. Yay me! And the reality continues with returning to work, a new internship and apartment hunting. Turns out, being an adult is more draining than being a student.
For students interested in study abroad – Rome was the greatest time of my life. I’ll admit that homesickness and exhaustion will get to anyone at some point. But, again looking through all my photos, I would do it all over again without stopping for rest or a single night of sleep.