Bosnia is the Best!!!

So much has happened in the past few days! I’m having a great time in Bosnia. I have to say that Bosnia is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. There are beautiful lakes, hills, and adorable cities. Also the people are so nice!
Last week we went to Mostar which is this city in southern Bosnia. It’s very beautiful, and it is known for a bridge in the center of town. The bridge goes over Neretva River, and the current is very strong. It’s popular among locals to jump from the bridge into the freezing waters of the Neretva. In summer the water is quite shallow, and only the most skilled divers can accomplish the feat.

Mostar is a very interesting city because it’s divided between two main ethnic groups: the Croats and Bosniaks. The Croats and Bosniaks tend to stay in their side of the city and it is not unheard of to know thirty plus years olds who have never explored the other side of the city. In Mostar there is a famous divided school, where Bosniaks and Croats go to the same school but have a different curriculum based on their ethnicity. Now there are Serbian families coming back to the city, and they have to choose to have their children go through the Bosniak or Croat curriculum. Children who are of mixed origin also have to be placed in either the Croat or Bosniak curriculum. There are many NGO’s working on after school programs for the students to make friends across ethnic boundaries in Mostar, and while we were in Mostar we met a student who went on this program last year and decided to stay in Mostar. He is currently working for an NGO and is having a blast living in Mostar.
Mostar is quite close to Dubrovnik, Croatia, so I went with a couple of friends from the group for the day. It was so hot, but it was nice exploring the old town of Dubrovnik. The highlight was going on a cruise in in front of the fortress walls and around some islands near Dubrovnik. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Now we’re back in Sarajevo and it’s been great going to favorite restaurants and going shopping. It seems that this program is going by so fast. In less than two weeks it will be over and I’ll be slowly heading back home. It will be nice to be done with all the school work (especially the final paper), but I’ll miss hanging out with the people in the group and traveling to new places.