Grah? What’s That?

The other day I went with my friend to a Bosnian Restaurant around the corner. We were both craving salad, because the majority of food in Sarajevo seems to be slabs of cooked meat with bread. We entered the restaurant, and there were all these old men sitting around playing cards. A lady with some knowledge of English showed us to a table and asked us what we wanted to eat. We asked for a menu, and the lady said that there was no menu. So we asked what do you have, and she said, “grah.” We both had no idea what grah is, so we asked what else she had. She answered, “grah.” I asked her then, “What is grah.” She goes, “well, you know, grah.” My friend and I were starving at that point, but we were just like we just really want salad, but she seemed determined for us to get some grah. She then called her daughter over to translate for her. We asked what food they had, and the daughter said, “grah.” We asked what it is, and she answered, “grah is grah.” At that moment, an old man with a very large hat ordered some grah, and the lady said she would show us his plate. My friend and I were both starving, but we waited patiently to find out what is grah. Finally, the lady came out with a large bowl of soup for the man and two small bowls for us to try it. It was a delicious bean and meat stew. It was so good that we ordered two big plates for ourselves. We were so full when we left after a filling meal of bread, salad, and very yummy grah.