A Truly Global Uni.

I have started school here at UCL and am very much liking the feeling of being an actual student in London. University College London is pretty awesome and I have been continually amazed at the diversity of the school. With over one-third of the student body being from outside the UK, I really feel like I am getting a unique collegiate experience. London itself is a very international city but there is something more about being on campus and knowing that your peers are from all over the world (UCL has more than 140 countries represented). Just walking to class I hear dozens of languages and accents and can’t help but wonder where everyone is from and how their lives are different from mine. I feel like I am in the middle of everything and have the opportunity to meet and learn from people my age on a daily basis. It is exciting and overwhelming and surreal all at the same time and I love it!

I study Italian at the UW and am excited because here I have the chance to meet Italian Erasmus students who want to practice their English in exchange for me getting to practice my Italian. I am definitely going to try to get the most out of my three months here and making the effort to meet new people and improve my Italian is an opportunity I am not going to pass up.