Pura Vida During Midterms!

So last week had a test on Monday, then on Thursday, Monday again this week, Tuesday this week, and again today.  But then again welcome to college, right?  It is difficult getting used to a semester system, because even though I have been taking four classes a quarter for the last several years it is four classes over a fairly drawn out period (not counting the internship class).  By now (meaning this many weeks into the quarter) finals would be looming in my imminent future.  Instead I just finished Midterms.  It’s much more of a jog for semester than the quarter spring where everything feels somewhat like a crash course.

My internship is going well after some glitches last week.  We had some communication errors and my supervisor also changed her mind on the

This is the final version of the poster at the turn off.

content of several of the signs several times.  It was frustrating to try so hard to create what she described the first time only to have her want something completely different in the end. Some may have gotten lost in translation, but I think it was mostly due to the evolution of thoughts without subsequent communication.  Regardless all the signs are in the process of being made.  Signs one and four are off to print and the rest have been carved and are currently in the process of being painted.

Minor, one of the Monteverde Conservation League staff, has been a great help at drilling out the letters (I don’t actually know what it is called) as well as painting and tracing.  I have done a lot of the painting and tracing, but ultimately I have to leave at 1:30 everyday to class.  Or more like two when I don’t leave on time, but regardless I cannot stay the full day.  The last two days and today I have had the additional help of an MCL volunteer.  She is great and has put up with some fairly thankless tasks related to logos and painting them.  The signs should be able to go up this weekend, which is good because there are currently no signs to get anyone to Bajo del Tigre (we took them all down in order to use the reverse side).

Friday night we got a great cultural experience at Bar Amigos when a band played.  The place was packedd and the dance floor was too with people dancing salsa or whatever the song demanded.  It was a great cultural night to watch, but even more so to be a part of.  We were able to meet many locals throughout the night, which was also great to help me with my Spanish.

On last Saturday we went to the San Louis Waterfall and it was absolutely beautiful!  It was also really tall and fell into several different pools.  I

San Louise Waterfall

meditated for a while just downstream of it and had dragon flies land on me several times.  One stayed on my knee for over five minutes!  The water was cold, for Costa Rica, but not that cold compared to glacial melt.

Sunday I also went to Bajo del Tigre in order to take background pictures for signs 1 and 4 which I made on the computer using powerpoint.  I have had the amazing help throughout the project of those two signs from someone in Seattle who donated his photos to the MCL for their use.  He altered the pictures and everything for me.  It is quite the wonder going abroad to realize how small the world is when you run into people that live in the same town or area.  His son even just graduated out of Fairhaven College at Western in my hometown of Bellingham.  During my walk I got to see a mot mot and also several goatis!  I was one of the few people in the group I think that hadn’t seen one yet, so I was super excited.  Unfortunately they move super quick and I was unable to get a picture of any of them.  But the trip to Bajo del Tigre (for where I am designing the signs etc.) was great even if I got absolutely SOAKED.

Still working on the post from the fieldtrip…takes a while to write about two weeks.  Yesterday I sent an e-mail to a woman who works for the FCC, one of the organizations I was thinking about doing the internship with about volunteering.  I have not received a response as of yet, however she told some of my friends when they ran into her yesterday that she hadn’t had a chance to respond to my e-mail, but there were positions available.  I am really excited to hear what she has to say back!