T-minus 8 days!

Hi! My name is Dylan Yu, and I’m a senior studying abroad this quarter in Ifrane, Morocco. The city is maybe an hour south of Fes, about a mile up in the Atlas Mountains; the campus is freezing, not what you’d expect when you think Morocco. Next week I’ll talk more about the university and my specific program of study. I leave on the morning of Sunday, January 15th, and flying from Seattle to New York, and then on to Casablanca.

My time at UW has been marked by indecision with regards to a degree program. I hopped around from biology to political science to international studies and finally to history, and after I declared, I spent the next year jumping all over the place trying to find a minor. I looked at Earth and Space Sciences, Education, Learning, and Society, and Marine Biology. Unfortunately, I spent so much time looking that I realized I didn’t have enough time before I hit 180 credits to choose a minor or another major! That got me thinking that my time at UW was almost at an end, and the one thing that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do was study abroad. Early in 2011 I started looking at programs, and decided upon an exploration seminar in Costa Rica (which was phenomenal!) as well as this direct exchange to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco.

My plans are to take Arabic while there, as well as Arab or Islamic history and political science courses. This will finish up my degree, as I only need 10 credits to graduate and elected to take fall quarter off from school in order to save up for this trip. The last time I sat in a classroom was early June 2011, so it will be a shock for me to get used to going to class, let alone class on another continent. I haven’t started packing yet, as I’m taking this last week to say goodbye to friends and family. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share my trip! I’m bringing along a digital camera as well as a GoPro video camera to document my travels, so hopefully that media will find its way onto this blog to spice things up.