Just Now Finishing Winter Break

Hej-hej! My name is Emma Tessier and I am a Senior this year at UW. I am majoring in political science: political economy, and I am getting ready to start a semester abroad at Århus University in Denmark. I am very excited to have the opportunity to live in Denmark and, as a political science student, I am interested in taking similar classes from a different perspective.

I am traveling to Denmark through a direct exchange program, which really means that I don’t actually know anybody else going. I had to apply not just through UW, but also directly to the University I will be attending, and I registered for classes and housing through them. Additionally, I am studying in Denmark with the support of a Scan Design Foundation scholarship, which I applied for around this time last year. Although I am a little nervous that I don’t know anybody else, the University has great programs for foreign exchange students. Their International Centre has provided nearly all the information I have needed, has assigned me with a Danish student as a mentor, and has answered any other questions I have. Additionally, they run an orientation for exchange students the week before classes begin that will help get me acquainted with the University and the city.

Since spring semester at Århus doesn’t start until February I have had a very long winter break, and am just now getting ready to leave. That’s not to say I haven’t also been preparing for quite awhile. Most importantly, Back in November I applied for my Student Residence/Work Permit through the Danish Embassy which will allow me to stay in the country for longer than three months. Additionally, I had to sign up for housing several months ago so that I would be guaranteed a space in student housing.

In the next week I need to finish packing and tying up loose ends before I leave. I will include more details about Århus and my final preparations in the next post.