Weekend in Ifrane

This week I chose to chill out in Ifrane and relax rather than travel. The weather is getting much nicer; where previously it was nice and sunny for only about half an hour around lunchtime, now the sun warms campus up by around 11am and it stays that way until around 5pm. It’s interesting to see how the intensity of the heat and the length of time it stays warm increases almost each day. On Sunday I got to wear shorts and took a trip to the weekly souk just on the edge of town. The main attraction was a field of long tables set up like a Goodwill Outlet, upon which they lay piles upon piles of clothing. All the pieces were under 20 dhs, so I picked up a scarf and my friend a jacket (she took off her own jacket to try on a new one and walked off after purchasing it…once she realized she’d forgotten her other jacket she ran back to find a Moroccan lady trying it on). The souk also had a huge open-air produce market and vendors selling everything from dolls to lawnmower parts to pots and pans.

Midterms are starting this week; I have one in French next Monday, one in History next Wednesday, and one in Arabic next Wednesday. Courses are going really well; I’ve started French tutoring, and my Sub-Saharan History class will switch soon to student-led lessons. Other than that, there isn’t much to report, other than that Spring Break is coming up in just two short weeks; one weekend left to travel before that. I’ll probably head to Casablanca and Rabat to say hi to my first host family.