La Flambé Bretonne

Being a vegetarian in France is a lot harder than I anticipated. A lot of the food that is substantial isn’t vegetarian, so I generally live off of baguettes and chevre (a delicious and widely available goat cheese). However, there is one French delicacy that I will miss dearly when I get back to the states, and that is the crepe. There are street vendors everywhere that sell Nutella crepes, which are amazing, but one of my favorite places is actually a little sit down restaurant called La Flambée Bretonne. Finding the perfect restaurant or coffee shop to become a regular at is always a challenge, but I was lucky enough to find my place in Montpellier early on. It is located off of a side street, pretty close to the center of town but not close enough that it is completely packed and touristy all the time. I first found it with two of my friends on one our first nights in Montpellier and we immediately loved it. It is owned by an older couple and they run the whole place; they are the only two people I have ever seen working there. Its discreet location also usually means that we have the place to ourselves. The business card I picked up after our first visit reads vaguely that it is open “tous les jours midi et soir sauf le dimanche et le lundi soir”, or “every afternoon and night, except Sunday and Monday nights”. I usually order some variation of a cheese crepe, with different types of cheese or vegetables depending on the day. They also have a specialty that includes an egg and one or two vegetable toppings of your choice. The food is great but my favorite part is definitely just being able to sit in a restaurant that feels so French. The proprietors always speak in French, and don’t switch to English when they talk to me, which some store owners here do once they realized I’m American. The décor is eccentric, the atmosphere is cozy, and the food is delicious 🙂