“Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?”

There are only two words that can describe the past month: March Madness and not the basketball type (thank goodness). I have spent the last two weeks living what I would consider a perfect life. During the first weekend of March I went on a trip to Torun with people from the international group (ESN). Torun is a beautiful city located 8 hours north of Krakow. We stayed in a hostel (where I was one of the lucky people to have a two person room) in the middle of the city. We went to dinners and clubs together and during the day we went on a tour of the city. Torun is the hometown of Nicolas Copernicus so we also visited an astronomical observatory (not as interesting as it sounds).

The best part of the trip was bonding with people from around the world and forming new friendships. The next weekend I spent in Amsterdam where I met up with my friends who are studying in Florence. I went to the Anne Frank house and the van Gogh museum and most importantly ate delicious and much missed Thai food. Amsterdam is beautiful and very friendly city in which I managed to get lost within the first 10 minutes of my arrival.

Travelling aside (for this weekend at least) I have finally been able to settle into my life here in Krakow. I managed to find yoga classes that help to bring balance to my life. The beautiful weather here (68 degrees on Sunday!!!) makes it impossible to be sad or homesick. Just sitting on the main square and watching people in the sunshine makes me never want to come back to America (sorry mom). My life is filled with international dinner parties, long walks around the town, wonderful and inspirational people, and yeah school. As for now I am preparing to leave to Budapest on Thursday and Florence next Friday. Is this real life?