Moulay Idriss Take 2

This weekend I’d had about enough of the cold and wintery weather in Ifrane, so I headed to Moulay Idriss for round 2 of our first camping trip, with the same two guys as last time. Instead of staying for a night, we went up Friday afternoon and came back Sunday evening, though, so we had to pack enough food and water for two days. The water was no problem, but by the last day we were basically left with stale bread, bananas, and some cheese, which was pretty monotonous. The views were spectacular as usual, and it wasn’t as cold during the night. The only problem was being blocked on the trail by a herd of sheep for about two hours; the area is shepherd territory, and so they bring their goats and sheep up during the day to feed. Surprisingly dutiful dogs keep watch on all sides, and wouldn’t let us anywhere near the herds, so when they are located on the trails, it’s very inconvenient for hikers like us. Even worse was when we woke up on Saturday morning hemmed in my watchdogs, sitting like gargoyles all around us, while the herd slowly moved through on all sides. Waking up to goats in your camp is a rare experience.

Today on campus students decided to boycott the Sodexo food services, not for Sodexo’s alleged human rights violations, but instead for the poor quality of food and “high” prices (compared to the rest of Morocco it’s very expensive, but still much cheaper than anywhere in America or Europe). The group actually posted a link about the UW kicking out Sodexo on the Facebook event page! It wasn’t necessarily successful, as they didn’t actually have any demands which they had given to the administration, and many students just chose to ignore the boycott. But the cafeteria was definitely much emptier than usual. I suppose it’s always nice to be a part of something, even if you’re doing it just for the sake of…doing it.

The months of band practice are finally coming to an end, with our big show taking place next Wednesday, April 18th. I’ve been working like crazy with four different bands, and it will be really nice to finally have something to show for all of our effort. That, and I will definitely enjoy the extra free time.

This weekend I have a trip planned for a friend’s birthday, to the beach. After that it’s Rabat with another friend’s family, then Casablanca to see my host family once more (and the Moroccan lady from the airplane), and then studying for finals!