It was going to happen eventually…

How quickly time flies by.  Today, May 15th, marks two months until my return to America.  I am not really sure how I will be able to adjust back to regular life but know that the reverse culture shock will be much more intense than the initial one here.  The coming of June means that exams and papers will be due soon. Everyone is in panic (I am writing this blog instead of doing research).  After traveling and going out almost every day, sitting down and writing an essay feels so alien.  Alas, I came here to study abroad and while I feel like most of my learning has been associated with my travels, I have also been fortunate enough to take classes that even the UW (to my knowledge) has yet to offer. For example, in one my psychology classes we learned about human resource management and the psychology behind recruiting and selecting employees. While this isn’t an area of psychology that I am interested in, it has been a challenging and fascinating course.

As for traveling, since my last entry I have been to Budapest, Florence, Vienna, and Prague. Vienna has been my favorite place so far even though I lost my wallet there and failed to bring my passport when crossing the Austrian border resulting in a 35 Euro fine. Life goes on and in Vienna it went on quite quickly. It was a trip organized through the Erasmus network with 36 people from all around the world. Vienna’s city center was breathtaking and although it took four hours to get through the city, it was worth every second. We also visited the Schonbrunn Castle, a zoo, Prater Amusement Park, and took a four hour boat cruise (mad boring unfortunately).

We braved the metro system and ate Weiner schnitzel.  The best part was spending time in a beautiful place with amazing people. Oh, and Vienna also has a high population of adorable dogs.   I am trying to squeeze in a couple more trips before the dreaded end.   Next are the TriCities by the Baltic Sea and Paphos, Cyprus…and after that, Seattle.