Meet Colleen – IE3 Global Internships – Ghana

About me:  I grew up in North Idaho and graduated from the University of Idaho with a BA in International Studies and a BA in Foreign Language in 2007. I am now a graduate student here at the University of Washington working on my MA International Studies in African Studies and Global Health Certificate. I’ve just completed the first year of a two year program.

Where in the world you are off to:   I’m headed to Ghana for an internship with Women in Progress, a local NGO offering entrepreneurial training for women running small businesses.

Why you chose this place:   I have been studying African Studies for many years now, and have been wanting to go and work in the NGO world on womens issues. This IE3 internship is the perfect opportunity to break into the field working in West Africa so I jumped at it!

What you are most excited about:  I’m most excited about the chance to be immersed in an African culture, to experience it first hand and foster friendships with women from around the world.

What your goals and motivations are:  I am very motivated to learn about the life experiences, goals, challenges, and joys that women in Ghana encounter. I am hopeful that I will have something meaningful to contribute to their training and look forward to all that they will teach me in return.

What you hope readers gain from following your posts:   I hope that readers will get a vibrant sense of what it means to live and work in Africa. As Americans, we don’t have many opportunities to hear success stories out of Africa due to lack of media coverage, so I look forward to sharing some of the stories I encounter!