Enjoying Some “Authentic” Australian Food

I went out a few days ago in search of the best food weight/dollar ratio meal I could find – as my wire transfer has not gone through, my funds are running a bit low- which, due to a lunch special, turned out to be Domino’s pizza. $7 for a large. Not bad.

I sit there for ten minutes and one of the guys tells me it’s going to take longer than expected since the oven wasn’t working properly. Another ten go by and he comes out with my pizza. He asks me what I’d like to drink with my pizza. I, being a former Sandwich “Artist”, am tragically familiar with having to up-sell customers, so I decline, thinking that he’s just trying to sell me more stuff. But then he tells me it’s on the house for the long wait. I get a Diet Coke. Then I take out my wallet to pay for the pizza and he doesn’t let me pay! A FREE PIZZA AND POP!? Sweet lord. I love this place already.

Tonight, I spent what little cash I had left on groceries to make an Italian pasta salad. Thank god for to go containers. Otherwise I would have had to throw my precious leftovers away. The “take away” containers here are pretty cool because they are almost like Zip Loc containers. They’re plastic with snap on lids, so it’s perfect for keeping in the hostel kitchen. Take note future hostel frequenters.

On to other things…

I changed around my schedule so I will have off Fridays and only have one class on Thursdays. I dropped Infectious  Diseases and History of the Spanish Civil War and am now doing Entomology (BUGS! See: Australian Funnel Web Spider) and Philosophy of  Freudian Psychoanalysis. I’m most excited about my Entomology class. A fairly large portion of our grade is based upon a bug collection we have to put together. There’s also a field trip. I LOVE field trips.

School is starting in 3 days. AHHHhh! Luckily my first class on Monday isn’t until noon, so I can dink around or sleep in or whatever. Until next time, my approximately 3 loyal readers.

Payce n’ blessins. Payce. An’ blessins.

Photo Credit: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Insects/Vietnam/Spiders/Highlights/CatTienFunnelWebSpider.jpg