Meet Christina – Engineering Jordan

I’m originally from Idaho, but have lived in Seattle for almost seven years; we moved here when my husband accepted a job with Boeing (yes, I’m a non-traditional student). In June of this year I completed my degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and I will be starting my master’s degree in Hydrology and Water Resources in the fall.

Sometime during last year, my department advisor sent around an email about a water resources course being taught in Irbid, Jordan over the summer. Dr. Heidi Gough, one of the professors from my department, had partnered with Dr. Muna, a professor at the Jordan University of Science and Technology and they wanted to teach a course that explored water resources in the desert. Jordan is one of the ten most water scarce nations in the world.

As soon as I read the email, I decided to apply to the program. I’m passionate about water: it is the most crucial resource of the 21st century. As the world population grows and becomes increasingly urbanized, access to clean, safe drinking water is going to become even more scarce and precious. The United States as a society completely takes for granted the amazing and inexpensive (for the user) water treatment and distribution processes we have in this country. That will change in the coming decades as our distribution systems age and climate change increasingly affects rain and snowfall patterns.

So I applied and was accepted to the program. We’ll be leaving for Jordan the week of August 26 and returning to Seattle the week of September 17. During our time in Jordan, we’ll be visiting water and wastewater treatment plants, the ancient city of Petra, Roman ruins, and a bona fide desert oasis. As a history buff and water nerd, I am so excited to explore ancient water distribution systems: excited beyond all capacity for rational thought or explanation.

I plan on being a lot more active on the blog as we get closer to departure. I hope that readers will learn a little about water and a lot about Jordan from my posts.