Dance Revolution & Tomato Sardines

I – well actually, a friend – finally found a place to live! I just move in a few days ago. It’s a 14th floor penthouse in the Central Business District, with 8 people from all over the worlddddddddd.

In my room are 2 Brazilians and an Italian, in the next room, a French girl and a Korean girl, and in the other room, an English bloke (look at me bein’ all Australian) and a Korean guy. I quite enjoy being the only American here. After all, I didn’t come here to hang out with people from the States.

The Back to the Future trilogy came up in conversation a few days ago, and they were all collectively appalled that I hadn’t seen it, so we’ve watched the first and second together this week, along with going to Darling Harbor, Hard Rock Cafe Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and George Street business district. They’re wearin’ me out, but I’m having a great time already. We’ve eaten lots of weird food together, played Kinect and painted the town!

School started last week, so I’ve already had homework to do…awful. At least my classes aren’t too bad.