5 Days Till Takeoff

So I’m leaving for South Korea in five days. I can’t decide if I should repack now or wait till Thursday, since about a month back my problem with manic enthusiasm kicked in and I threw everything I own into a suitcase in the middle of my room, where it’s been sitting ever since, slowly expanding. Objectively I know that I won’t need 34 shirts, but who needs objectivity when you can have ~shirts~?

Speaking of which, I think the one thing I’ve been stressing about more than anything else is clothing. I know it’ll make me seem shallow since this is only my second post and all, but fashion is…important! My mom claims that even as a toddler I would refuse certain outfits, and I actually REMEMBER hiding these chartreuse (is chartreuse green? They were very green) sweatpants with giant flowers on them so that I wouldn’t have to wear them. I’ll probably talk more about why I think fashion is important  later, but for now, it’s the One Big Thing I’ve latched onto to get stressed out about.

Korea is super fashionable and classy, and since most of my clothing comes from the juniors’ section at JC Penney (okay, so some of it comes from the 12 and Under section*), I think it’s a legitimate fear. On the other hand, it’s probably the least important thing on my list of important things to stress about, since I’ll have plenty of opportunities to shop while I’m there.

Meanwhile, I’ve been drowning myself in caffeine to get through this last bit of work + overtime at the school where I work. And I still need to call the bank, and call my family to say goodbye, and try to learn as much Korean as I can in the next five days because I’ve been a hideous slacker about it for the past month, and make sure we have all our itineraries printed, and OKAY so I’m a little stressed about some other stuff too. But I love-love-love this kind of stress, because it’s ADVENTURE stress, and I wouldn’t have it any. Other. Way.

*I’m small and poor, don’t judge me.