Laundry Day

We’ve been attending guest lectures at Kyung Hee University since our first day here. It’s a lovely campus, at least as lovely as UW if not more so. The entire school is built at the base of a mountain since the city didn’t have room for its expansive grounds, so roads are steep and everything is on an incline. I might post about it later since it’s really pretty.

This is what the main streets outside Kyung Hee look like. If you look closely you can see an ajhumma, identifiable by her vibrantly colored blouse, tightly permed hair, and sun visor.

I like Kyung Hee, but I found the neatest thing in the back alleys just off campus while we were doing laundry this afternoon.

I don’t know why it was there or how long it had been there, but these pictures were around every corner, on every random surface. I ran into an ajhumma who didn’t speak any English, and she told me my face was pretty and welcomed me to Korea, but I couldn’t find a way to ask her where the graffiti came from. I’ll try to find out from the students next week.

This is a different type of art.