The City Stood Still: Amman at Sunset

The City Stood Still: Amman at Sunset

(A poem written on the edge of the Citadel as the sun left the streets of Amman)

By Enrico Abadesco


Hold on

Don’t let go

Clasp the sides of the of ledge

Pull yourself up above the city

Sit on the edge of your world

Fall into a world different from your own

The rising stone homes of the people

Native tongues surrounding

Hold On

Don’t let go

The city has stopped

Busy streets are now paths of solemnity

Crashing voices are now songs of Allah

Listen to the prayers

Listen to their love echoing through the streets

The city has stood still

Together people set their beliefs

As the sun sets over Amman

Hold on

Don’t let go

The sun is setting

As the city remains suspended

The call to prayer rings

Voices surround

An indescribable scene

Hold on

Don’t let go

This world isn’t different from yours

It’s the same

Admire the people

Admire your people

Admire each other