I Have to Get Out of the Country (and I Did!)

I am still a bit dazed from traveling and feeling dehydrated, despite having drunk four liters of water in the past 36 hours, but I am here in Jordan and feeling great.

First, the heat doesn’t seem that bad. I grew up in southeastern Idaho in a house that didn’t have air conditioning, so if I seem a bit blasé about the whole desert heat thing, it’s because I am. I got this. And when I get heat stroke because of it, feel free to tell me I told you so.

Jordan is beautiful: a bit like I expected, dusty and dry, but still beautiful. I haven’t really had time to take any spectacular photos, but I snapped a few from the balcony of the building where we’re staying. More photos to come.

I am staying at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), which has about 20,000 students: wow, just wow. I feel lucky to be here.

View from My Balcony at JUST