My First Week in Scotland

Hello! I am Megan, a third year English major and an Education, Learning and Society minor, and today marks the end of my first week in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. So far it has been a complete whirlwind (in a good way!), and I can only imagine this continuing as I start classes on Monday. The first week here is something called Freshers’ Week, and is a chance for first year students and foreign students to have the chance to meet new people, see the school, and adventure around the city.

I didn’t know what I would originally think of moving to a new country, and only knowing about two people in the country. The days before I left I was in a perpetual state of panic, trying to pack my entire life into two suitcases (not an easy task!), and coming to terms with the fact that I was leaving home and rebuilding my life in another country. Even after arriving in Scotland I was still a bit freaked out. The first time I went on a walk by myself was overwhelming, as I was in a completely unfamiliar environment, where cars were driving on the opposite sides of the road.

The feeling of panic soon subsided, and made way for sheer excitement. I quickly met some of the girls in my flat, and some of my neighbors, and luckily was able to make friends pretty quickly. Even though I have only been here a week, I am already in love with the city, and can’t wait to continue my studies here.