Byron Bay Banshees

On the third day of our trip down the coast, my mom and I took a Greyhound from Brisbane to Byron Bay. We got to travel down the scenic highway through Surfer’s Paradise. It’s gorgeous. It was a little frustrating not being able to get off the bus when we went through.

Byron Bay is this really cute little hippie town, but unfortunately, as it was the end of rugby season and a school holiday, our entire hostel was filled with drunk 20-something year old guys. The co-ed bathrooms were appalling by the end of our stay, but everything else was fantastic.

The beach is incredible. This trip was the first time I’ve swam in the ocean since I’ve been in Australia, granted it’s been winter. There was a little coconut vendor that cut the top off right in front of you and popped a straw in it so you could drink the milk. I did surgery on the coconut when we got back to the hostel and ripped the meat out.

On Saturday, there was a huge market with tons of local artisans, tie dye, food, clothes and music. I LOVE MARKETS.

We flew out of Ballina, which has probably the smallest airport the world has ever known. Security took me, I kid you not, 3 minutes to get through. It was less than ten minutes from the time I got to the check-in counter to when I got to my departure gate.

On a side note: Today marks exactly two months until I head back to the States. It’s bittersweet. I miss root beer and my cat, but I love it here. Also, 83 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. I’m glad I’ll be home for that, because apparently they don’t do eggnog here. Not okay.