Swimming with Dolphins

This Saturday, my mom and I rented a car and drove about 2.5 hours South to Jervis Bay for a whale watching tour. There’s this little road with cafes and a fish market. There was just a 6 foot shark on ice in the middle of the store. I touched its tooth and it was – not surprisingly – extremely sharp.

On our whale watching tour, we drove out to the middle of the bay and saw an enormous humpback whale, probably 20 meters from our boat, with her calf. She would lie upside down and slap the water with her flippers. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. And then the skipper took us all to Honeymoon Bay on the opposite side and we were followed by about 20 dolphins. They were flipping out of the water and playing with each other. SOOOOOO HEENSOMEEEE. LKGNLSKGJLSKGJS:LKGJS:LG