Cheers, Fire Drill!

On Wednesday morning I left my last class of the week and went to the UCL History Library to study.  I had made the mistake the previous week of leaving my reading until Saturday and Sunday and it was not my best idea ever.  So this weekend I resolved to start off right! But just about as soon as I’d gotten settled in with my music, books, pens and highlighters and was leaning in to start reading, the fire alarm went off.  What timing.  I traipsed downstairs with the rest, slightly amused that in a small room of UCL History students the first time anyone really made eye contact or communicated at all – mainly through eye rolls and shared sighs of annoyance – was over a fire drill.  Despite all the potential solidarity from our shared interests, classes, and staggering homework load, this one frustration was our only acknowledged unifier.  Interesting, but I’m getting off track.

Once outside, I sat in the Main Quad for a few minutes before realizing that it was much too beautiful a day to sit in a musty little library! So my previous thought of “What timing…” became “What timing!!” as I walked toward Regent’s Park to read in the bright, fresh air.  Before I settled down onto a bench in the middle of Queen Mary’s Gardens I walked through the Avenue Gardens and Inner Circle.  And it was so beautiful that I couldn’t not share some photos with you all! (Disclaimer: these photos were taken on my phone, not a legit camera.)

I entered near the Avenue Gardens and immediately saw signs for some sort of sculpture festival going on this weekend. It was clearly I private event but there were some sculptures around the park open to the public.  I only saw three and they were all very contemporary and for the most part not much to my taste, but this one was still a nice welcome into the park:

The next one was pretty ugly to my eyes so I didn’t snap a picture, but this third one was strange enough that I had to document it.

It was titled something to the effect of “Self Portrait as a Trash Bin” and it actually had garbage inside, too.  Though I’m not sure whether that was the artist’s doing or the public’s.

I walked through Avenue Gardens where my dad and I first went in Regent’s Park back in September.  Many of the flower beds were empty this time, but it was still very pretty. I imagine they are putting in new kinds of flowers that can survive the cold as we head toward winter.

Then I went through the rose gardens of the Inner Circle.  The roses are split into sections based on color (and type, I suppose) and are titled on a small sign, like in the second picture.  It was very fun to be surrounded by gorgeous roses on such a lovely day, not least because as soon as I entered I felt like I was in the Queen of Heart’s palace garden.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any hedgehogs being knocked around by flamingo heads, plus the roses appeared already to have been painted as they were not white.  So I settled for a wonderland, though not Wonderland.

The path through the rose garden guided me to a small pond surrounded by striking trees, plants, flowers, and statues. It was quite busy and colorful, but was still very pleasant and flowed nicely.

After winding through here I was on the central path through Queen Mary’s Gardens. I studied for a couple hours before heading through the main gate to train home.

I’m sure I would have gotten more studying done at the library, but this little jaunt through the park was well worth it! So cheers, fire drill – I owe it all to you!

(Written on October 12, posted here on November 11)