Ajloun Castle

 ajloun 1On Monday, the lot of us traveled to Ajloun Castle. It was a two hour bus ride and it was comical in that one of the music teachers decided to bust out his tambourine and serenade us. We made a pit stop, and when we did, he brought the tambourine out yet again. This time, he grabbed a bunch of people and made them dance with each other. Ajloun castle stands on top of a hill (which is super steep if you were wondering). The castle was built in AD 1184 and was built to protect Jordan from crusader attacks. Ajloun was still in use up until the 17th century. Then, two earthquakes caused major damage to the structure and it is now a few meters lower than it once was. Even with the damage, the castle’s view is still quite impressive. From the top, you can see Lebanon, Syria, Israel and the West Bank. Prime real estate? Yes. Strategic placement? Indeed.

ajloun 2