I made it!

i made itSo, I finally made it to Jordan. It’s been almost a week, and I’ve settled in just fine. My flight got in at 2am and by the time I reached my apartment, it was 5am and the sun was coming up. I had the random pleasure of sitting next to one of my roommates on the plane. We didn’t draw the connection until we got dropped off at the same apartment. I immediately went to bed and the next day, I explored Amman with my two roommates. We hailed a taxi and drove around Amman. First, we went to the Mecca Mall, and then the Sony Building in which Qasid is located. The taxis here are dirt cheap. The most I’ll pay to travel from one end of the city to the other is 2.5JD (3.53 USD). Random side note: Not only are the people here really nice, but the taxi drivers have the best senses of humor, ever! Don’t be surprised if I dedicate an entire post to taxi drivers.
The next day, there was an orientation for all Qasid students at a nearby hotel. There we listened to a presentation on living in Jordan. To determine which class/level we were in, we all had to take a placement test, then an interview with an interview committee of three teachers. Seeing as I’d never taken Arabic ever, I was a bit nervous. In the end, the placement test was pretty easy. I wrote my name and was done with it. Next came the interview, which went pretty much like this: They greeted me, I greeted them back. One of them gestured to a packet and told me to find my name, which I did. They began to speak to me in Arabic, and I responded to randomly blurting out that I’d never studied Arabic before.
Teacher 1: You’ve never taken Arabic before?
Me: No.
Teacher 2: You’ve never opened an Arabic book?
Me: Nope.
Teacher 3: (laughs) Well, you will learn inshallah…God willing.

We spoke a bit more and I don’t really remember the rest but we all ended up laughing quite a bit. Then they sent me on my way. If this interview was an indication of how things are going to go, I’m pretty pumped. The people are amiable, Amman is beautiful, and I’m just grateful to be here.