Rome here I come…

Today has been devoted to the daunting task of packing for a month long adventure in Rome, Italy. A term’s supply of clothes and textbooks packed – no, crammed – into a 40 pound travel-ready bag. A month’s worth of sunblock and shampoo confined to 3.4-ounce limits. But TSA isn’t the only thing I can’t seem to prepare enough for.

No matter how much research I do or how many ‘Rick Steves’ DVD’s I’ve seen, I have no idea what to expect in Italy. What museums to go to and when? What do Italians wear? Should I bother to bring a blow dryer? Will I ever be able to roll my R’s?

I feel so un-prepared for my month-long study abroad in Rome. But rather uncharacteristically, I’m not worried. My excitement has devoured any fears or concerns as I think about The Vatican, Gelato, The Coliseum, and Sun. I am so fortunate to be able to embark on the trip of a lifetime to learn about business in Italy.

I want to thank my parents, family and friends for their support. I’m so lucky to have these people in my life and will miss them terribly. Needless to say I’m leaving space in my bag for souvenir gifts to bring back to these amazing people.

5:00 am wake up tomorrow and its off to SEATAC, Chicago, and finally Rome. Rome here I come…