Catch Up!

I’m disappointed in how little I’ve been posting, but I’ve been too busy to even get my full 8 hours of sleep. So now that I’m on the train back from Florence, I can give the short on what I’ve been up to.

Since arriving in Rome I’ve seen all the big sites (excluding the catacombs and the interior of the Vatican): Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, the Coliseum, the forum, the Jewish Ghetto, the temples and more. All of which have been stunning and truly indescribable, so I wont try. I’ve become a local at the Café across from our apartment and have finally acquainted myself with the winding and unmarked streets of Rome.

Class has been scheduled for about 3 meetings a week including a company visit. So far we’re visited AS Roma and talked to their marketing team about the recent revival of the AS Roma football team. Truly an amazing story of a comeback business – maybe not on the scoreboards, but certainly in the tickets. The week following AS Roma we travelled to Manciano in Tuscany to tour Caseificio (Pecorino Toscana producers) to learn about cheese production and then to O.L.M.A co-op/Certified Origins which does all the olive production for Costco. What a funny feeling to see the “Kirkland” (my hometown) Signature label in the middle of a Tuscan countryside.  As is expected in Italy, the company visits have provided us with gifts, 9 course dinners and wine.

This weekend, some friends and I traveled to Florence via train to see Duomo, David, Venus, Galileo and Michelangelo. The two days we spent in Florence ran from 7am-1am and were jam-packed with site seeing. What a historically rich and elegant city. As with Rome’s monuments, Florence’s were truly indescribable, but I will say – David is even better than his reputation.

After Florence we went with “Bus to Alps” tours to Cinque Terre on the Italian coast for a day of hiking and sun. Prior to coming here, I had never heard about Cinque Terre (google image it right now please), but it is absolutely stunning.

It’s been a long weekend and I so look forward to getting back to the apartment in Rome to relax a bit. Ciao!