Weekend of Goods and Tanabata

This weekend was very hot and very busy.  Our six week intensive program is actually broken into two three week portions with one of the classes changing after the first three weeks. Because of this, we have finals coming up at the end of this week (7/12) and were given the outline for preparation.  My partner Greg and I need to work on three different five minute conversations that must be memorized then picked randomly at the final.  On Saturday we met up at Akihabara for some shopping and to get a rough idea of what we need to work on for our project.  As far as weather goes, this weekend was brutal…around 90 degrees with 70% humidity and sunny both Saturday and Sunday.  I think I got a bit burned, but it was worth it!

Today I got to chat with friends at home then met with some pals here in Japan to get plans set for our trip to Mt. Fuji next weekend.  We met at Shinjuku Station around noon, had some amazing pizza and pasta for lunch, purchased some gear for the climb then went back to Yusuke’s apartment to watch The Mothman Prophecies, snack and finalize costs for the trip.

Today in Japan is a holiday called Tanabata and is celebrated by hanging written wishes from bamboo branches.  The story goes that Orihime (Star Vega) and Hikoboshi (Star Altair) are lovers that are separated most of the year and are allowed to reunite on the seventh day of the seventh month.  There are some pretty huge festivals held in some parts of Japan (even Tokyo Disneyland) but we quietly hung our wishes at Yusuke’s apartment before the movie.