The Beginning to a Great Adventure

As I’m sitting here typing, I should actually be packing. My carry on and all of its contents are currently sprawled all over my bed waiting to be thrown here and there so that I can leave for europe later this afternoon.

But before I tell you about the rest of my trip I guess I better introduce myself. My name’s sydney and I’m a junior at the University of Washington. I’m about to leave the country for the next 6 weeks or so on an adventure i’ve been looking forward to for a while now.

Well in reality I’m leaving albany to then have a lay over in Washington DC and then again in Frankfurt, until we reach our final destination – Budapest, Hungary. You see, my mom and I are going on quite an European Adventure for the next 18 or so days, before I start my study abroad program. I’ve taken to calling it “High End Backpacking.”

*Definition* – My mom and I will be traveling across eastern europe, myself with a hikers backpack and she will have a large rolling suitcase like always. We will be staying in semi cheap hotels, meaning that they’re pretty inexpensive but they have bathrooms in the rooms. Also, we will be taking sleeper trains or european airlines everywhere and there’s a couple places where we’re still not sure of how we’re getting to the next city.

No matter what, this adventure is going to be a ton of fun, filled with laughs, smiles and loads of pictures. Hope you enjoy following me as I get to see a little bit more of the world and hit over 30 countries before I turn 20 years old.

…I should probably go pack now.