Are you Hungary?

the great syngagoge On Wednesday we headed out to the Jewish Quarter to see the Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum. The Synagogue was pretty cool, it happens to be one, if not the largest in Europe housing over 3,000 people. Outside of the Great Syngagoue there is a holocaust memorial which was pretty interesting (and sad) to look at. Basically it’s this huge weeping willow made out of silver and each leave has a different name on it of someone who passed away. There is also a place to place rocks as it is in jewish custom to do so for certain people who passed. Unfortunately most of the information around these memorials was in hungarian so I only know as much as I can guess is true. We also did a lot of shopping wednesday night. After taking a nap wednesday afternoon my mom and I headed back out for din din. I had this delicious chocolate souffle for desert. So. Freaking. Good. We also saw the Chain Bridge at night which was absolutely gorgeous.

On Thursday we started walking at like 10 am and didn’t come home until 8 pm. We walked everywhere, neither of us was in the mood to really figure out any of the public transportation systems Budapest has.

at heroes squaresecond at the chain bridge

Our first stop was heroes square/millenium squre. To be honest I think they’re on in the same, but I could also be wrong so don’t quote me on that. Either way, it was a pretty cool siting and happens to be one of the entrances in City Park.
the zooAfter taking some pictures in heroes square we headed over to the zoo! Now, you have to understand something. I love the zoo, well I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo (but that has nothing to do with traveling). Anyways, I have a habit of trying to go to a zoo in every country I can. One of the most interesting things I thought was that you could pay for good camel food (at a cheap price, like getting food at a petting zoo) so that you could pay the camels. It was pretty cool. I really liked the zoo set up, it was pretty big, we spent several hours there in fact. Even though most of the signs weren’t in english, the map was so well set up that you knew what you were going to see before you even saw it.
Post Zoo, my mom and I walked… well more like hiked all the way back to that main shopping area I mentioned before to get dinner and buy more postcards before calling it a night.
Unfortuantely, due to some personal reasons, my mom and I decided to spend most of friday in the hotel. We had a great day watching tv, sleeping and reading books it was nice to have a lax day though, before we left for Serbia. We left our hotel around dinner time to head on the sleeper train to Serbia…