Are We There Yet??


Sorry I haven’t been online, I haven’t had internet for a week. But here’s my post about Serbia.

bedWe left Budapest on a sleeper train to belgrade on friday 8/9. The train departed late at night and got us to belgrade very early saturday morning. My mom had purchased us our own compartment so there was a lower bunk and an upper bunk (come to find out each compartment can actually fit three beds). It also had a small desk like structure and a cabinet. After hauling all of our stuff into our compartment, we soon realized that we were the only compartment in our car whose power didn’t work. The train was quite dark at night so not having a light in our comparment kind of sucked. There was one bathroom in the car at the far end of it. It was quite gross, but we managed. Also, there was no railing so I was quite concerned about sleeping on the top bunk. Therefore my mom and I attempted to both sleep on the lower bunk which was quite an experience. Unfortunately I apparently kept her up all night with my tossing and turning. It certainly didn’t help that we went through hungarian border control at 1 am and serbian border control a half an hour later. On the bright side I got two new stamps for my passport!


Once we arrived in belgrade we found out that the hotel we had a reservation for couldn’t let us in until 2 pm but was able to take our bags. We spent the rest of the day roaming around belgrade. Basically I looked at the map and walked in the direction of all of the buildings that were drawn on the map (clearly the map company thought we should see them). We ended up walking through this whole pedastrain only area which was filled with shops and stand. After this area we crossed the street and found the belgrade fortress. When I intially looked at the map I hadn’t intended to go that far, but we needed to waste time and I didn’t realize how close the two areas were. Once in the fortress my mom and I preceeded to fall asleep on some of the benches in the park area by accident. We were just so tired. That being said there were a ton of really adorable dogs roaming around the park with their owners and the view from the walls of the fortress was just gorgeous. When it finally hit two we headed to the hotel and spent the rest of the night there just watching movies and sleeping.

aligatorSunday was another full day in Belgrade. We spent the morning at the Belgrade Zoo. Although I’m quite a zoo person as I’ve mentioned in the past I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. This zoo definitely demonstrates the “hate” side of the view. The zoo was small with several enclosures and way too many animals for its size. Although it had a few interesting sites to see, like an alligator that outlived the bombings of world war II and a couple rare big cats, it was a sad site to see. My mom and I tried to enjoy our time there, but it is one zoo that I probably would not go back to again. The rest of the day was spent shopping which was a quite nice break. My mom and I also discovered a great italian restaurant on saturday and proceedd to eat there again on sunday. All of the food we had there was absolutely delicious and the people were quite nice.

On Monday, 8/11 We took an early morning flight to Dubrovnik…