Sweet as.


The past 4 four weeks, while dizzying with coursework and settling in to winter life here in the Southern Hemisphere, have been sweet as, or Kiwi slang for ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’. Taking a full course load and working on my thesis has certainly eaten up a large chunk of fun-study-abroad-exploration-time but, in the quiet and spontaneous moments, many a fun sights and scenes have been experienced!

In crafting a list of sweet as places, things and highlights in New Zealand, the Auckland Waterfront surely takes the top cake. (Yes,  pun intended!)

The sweetest gem I’ve discovered (and a weekend recluse from long weeks and late nights of working in studio on projects) is Silo Park. Part of the Auckland Waterfront‘s multi-million dollar investment into transforming historic waterfront properties into fun and functional public space, Silo Park, you simply cannot miss. A night visit will reward you with temporary art installation photo exhibits suspended inside historic concrete mixing silos, warm glow-y lighting of light shows cast upon the exterior of the silos transport you to funkadelic dance party and the gentle crashes of harbor waters against the rocks is the perfect soundtrack to accompany a warm Mocchachino in your hand.


(A nightview of Silo Park)

A two week semester break is on the near horizon and the priority item on that agenda is to travel, get caught up on sleep, and play with baby sheep! Stay tuned and stay sweet as.