My name is Alisa Hirota. I will be a Junior this year and I will be studying in South Korea for about 3 weeks. I am really excited but also nervous. I don’t speak any Korean nor am I able to read it so getting around might be a challenge for me but I am really looking forward to my exploration!

The flight here was pretty long. I had to go to Narita, Japan from Seattle on the 10 hour flight for 22 hours for a layover. It was really fun because I am part Japanese so I am able to speak, read, and write which made it easy for me to get around. There, I went to Ginza in Tokyo and went shopping and ate the traditional Japanese food. It really made me miss Japan and I was glad that I was able to visit for a little bit. The next day, my flight to Korea was another 2 hours, which wasn’t too bad.

The thing I am really excited about is to be able to explore Korea with one of my best friends who was able to also do this study abroad experience with together! We have been talking about visiting Korea for over two years and we are finally able to make one of our goals to come true! We have planned so many things to do and I am really looking forward to having a great and culturally enriching experience, which I will be able to share during my time here on my blogs!

Stay tuned for my next post 🙂