First Impressions of Seoul

First impression of Korea – not so good. My first breath of air was a gust of thick, hot, musty smog.  It definitely caught me off by surprise. People are more direct here.  They jaywalk on the street and almost gets ran over by the large buses. A dude cut me while I was waiting in line to buy a bus ticket. Workers were giving me one word answers when I tried to ask why the bus was so late. And others simply just ignore you. After a 2.5 hour bus ride, I arrived at Itaewon and had to contact my couchsurfer, Michael, to pick me up. Thank goodness for kakaotalk and free wifi in the city!


We went out to eat my first meal in Korea, which was Korean BBQ (Gogigui / 고기구이). We had pork, beef strips, steak, and many small side dishes. Afterwards, Michael and I tried to go to another restaurant to get squirming raw octopuses, but they were all out. We ended up at a German bar and ordered some drinks. The first night in Seoul turned out better than I anticipated. I spent the night at Itaewon (이태원), which is also known as the “Western Town.” It is very rich in different international cultures and their night life. We past through many bars and night clubs when we went to dinner. It was my first time seeing so many drunk people wandering in the streets. There were middle-age women laughing at nothing. One lady looked like she was about to trip and fall. There was a guy who was so drunk, he passed out in the middle of the side walk. However, Michael said that no matter how drunk you are, people in Seoul do not mess with you. Nobody will rob you or rape you, which made me feel a lot more safer when I’m out at night.

First night in Seoul!

The first day/night here is definitely an interesting one. More to come!