Really good i’n’it!?

I am Derek Welch, a senior in the English department. For 28 years I have lived on the West coast, born and raised in California, now residing in Seattle. I have never traveled outside the states except for short day trips to Mexico and Canada. Suddenly this year I go on a week-long trip to Dublin, Ireland and now I’m sitting in a hotel in Cardiff, just a few blocks from the bay, and sort of enjoying a piping hot cup of Nescafe. I chose to study abroad because I wanted to get out of Seattle, spend time with new people, and immerse myself in a culture different from what I’m used to. Before I left the only thing that I was nervous about was being away from home for so long. I have never been on an extended trip without my family. Everyone was very proud of my getting accepted for this trip and my family was very supportive of the decision, despite the length of time and distance.

The study Abroad program I am currently enrolled in is “Shakespeare on Stage” London & Stratford Exploration Seminar. We spent the last week in London following our walking tours of various boroughs and saw Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe in the London borough of Southwark. It was a bloody good production. By far one of the best stage productions I’ve seen. Every actor was superb and the minimalist set really allowed each one of them to shine. I got spat on by Joseph Millson because I was second row and got to see every sweating pore of the amazing thespians at work. We will also be seeing Henry VI pt. 3, The True Tragedy of Richard, Duke of York and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe. We will be seeing Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s new Courtyard Theatre and Much Ado About Nothing at the Old Vic in London. When we go to Stratford for Hamlet we will be staying in a Bed & Breakfast, which will be very exciting. My first time staying in a B&B. Overall, this course is going to be a tremendous experience that will greatly influence the way I teach Shakespeare to my future students. Meanwhile I am getting to experience a lot of cultural differences because London is an extremely diverse community.