Guinness and Glendalough

September 15th

I am in full tourist mode. This Saturday I went on a tour of the Guinness Storehouse and learned all about the history of Guinness. After the tour I learned how to pour a glass of Guinness (seriously a lot more difficult than you would think). So if this whole college education thing doesn’t work out I can always fall back on my newly acquired bar-tending skills. The Guinness storehouse is sort of shaped like a pint, and at the top of the tower is the Gravity Bar which provides an awesome view of Dublin.

This morning (Sunday) I got up early and joined a tour with the Erasmus Student Network to Kilkenny, the Dunnmore Caves, and the Wicklow Mountains. I spent most my the time in Kilkenny touring the Kilkenny castle which was really beautiful. I don’t think I am ever going to get over my love for castles. I’m pretty sure the only castle in the US is that fake one on display at Disneyland.

After Kilkenny we made our way to the Dunnmore Caves, one of the darkest places in Ireland (when they turn the lights off). There aren’t any bats in the caves at the moment but our guide told us that in October there will be. Also Fun Fact: vampire bats don’t usually go for the neck if they decide to bite a human. They prefer toes.

The tour bus continued on to Glendalough. We stopped at the Wicklow Gap for a quick photo op. The Wicklow gap is the windiest place I have ever been. It’s also beautiful. I was blown away (pun intended).

Our final stop was the Wicklow Mountains. We toured the nearby monastery and then walked to the Upper Lake. Our guide told us that it rains over 200 days out of the year in Glendealough but we were lucky and got some sun (but let’s not forget about the wind). Fun Fact #2: some of the scenes from Braveheart and PS I Love you were filmed in the Wicklow Mountains.

Overall, I’ve had an amazing weekend. Ireland is a gorgeous country and I can’t wait to explore the rest of it!

I wish I could figure out how to upload photos onto this blog but for some reason the website says there is an error! Hopefully I will have that all figured out by the next time I post!