Returning “Home”

Transitioning back home from studying abroad can be the most difficult thing about the experience. I am currently struggling with a feeling of restlessness and wanderlust that is very distracting. Having a difficult time motivating myself to fulfill responsibilities. My adviser sent me this article, which accurately presents the struggles of uprooting one’s self to another country, then trying to reestablish those roots home. I thought I would share it with everyone here in case anyone else is feeling the same struggle. I was not even gone for as long as many studiers abroad so I am sure that some of you may be feeling this struggle more strongly than I am. Whether you have gone abroad to study or not, whether you understand this struggle or not, this is a great article that should be read for everyone who is, or is close to, one who has gone abroad. I hope you all find this helpful to dealing with or helping some one else deal with that struggle.

Coming Home From Study Abroad