New Year, New Country, New School

Packing is always a good sign. It represents the preparation in order to leave for a specific location, depart for another, or come back home. This time I fortunately packing for the distinct purpose of leaving the USA for studying abroad. After months and months of waiting, my chance at studying abroad is only days away. It seems so long ago since I was accepted to my program and waiting for more information about the school, living situation, and academic schedule. Over the last year I have been studying to improve my German, researching the region, and trying to be best prepared for all that studying abroad can throw at me.

Now the bags are packed, the flights are booked, and the necessary documents have been submitted. I am just anxiously waiting to fly to Germany, meet my fellow roommates, move into our apartment, and explore the school for the first time. There is so much to look forward to…a new year, new school, new classes, new classmates, and new opportunities around every corner. In the first week upon arriving at WHU, I am most looking forward to the exchange student welcome week with social gatherings, class registration, and the always interesting ice-breaking activities.

Ever since my first day at the University of Washington, I have always wanted to supplement my education with a study abroad program. In my educational path at UW, I felt as though not studying abroad would result in my college career being incomplete. Fortunately, the week has finally come to depart for Germany, accomplish my goal of studying abroad, and meet new people every step of the way. I intend to take advantage of every opportunity that I come across and really gain a worthwhile experience. Let the WHU Koblenz Foster Exchange 2014 begin.