Greetings from Dublin!

I have been in Dublin for 5 days and I absolutely love it!

I arrived on Sunday morning after a long day of traveling from San Francisco to Chicago to Dublin that involved a lot of stress about potentially missing my connection, having to run through the airport with two of the heaviest carry-ons I have ever packed (oops), and the craziest mix of anxious/nervous/excited feelings about what lies ahead for the next five months. Fortunately I made my connection, and even landed in Dublin to start my semester-long adventure an hour ahead of schedule.

Since I arrived in Dublin a day early, I was able to check into my on-campus apartment at UCD and immediately fall asleep. Jet lag is killer! After what is arguably the greatest nap of my life, I started to unpack and get settled into my new living quarters. Anyone who knows me knows that packing is not my strong suit, and it took me almost a full week to pack from start to finish for this trip. But what I lack in ability to pack, I make up for in ability to unpack fairly quickly, although it involves making and cleaning up a couple different messes along the way.

This week, UCD has hosted orientation events for all the new international students who have just arrived to begin their semester in Dublin. On Monday, I went on a shopping tour that took us to the shopping center at St. Stephen’s Green in the city centre. It was cool to check out the city a bit and get some exposure to the Dublin transportation system. The city centre is a really exciting place with lots of good shopping, tasty food, and live music – even at 11 am!

I haven’t done much exploring yet, as I have mostly been getting acquainted with the campus and the local grocery store, but this weekend I will be going on an open top bus tour and a walking tour of the city. From the little bit of the city I have gotten to see, I can already tell its a great place and I will have a fabulous semester here!