It’s All About Perspective

Before I left for my adventures abroad, I would tell people I would be gone for about 6 months, and then internally begin to freak out. 6 months? That’s half a year. That’s the amount of time that exists between my birthday in the winter and my sister’s in the summer. So much can happen in 6 months. 6 months of missing out on everything in Seattle and in Hollister (well, I’m sure I’m not missing out on that much in Hollister). 6 months of traveling around a continent I’ve only been to once before. 6 months of living in a country I had only seen from the window of an airplane as I flew over it on my way from San Francisco to Paris when I was 17. 6 months was an incredibly daunting amount of time.

On my weekend trip to Cork, when I was sitting in a coffee shop trying to hide from the wind and the rain before my bus was set to leave, one of the girls I was traveling with gave me a new perspective on my time abroad: from the first day of orientation events to our last day of finals, there are only 125 days. Putting our time studying in Ireland in terms of 125 days seems much less daunting than saying we will be here for about 6 months, but triple digit days are still a bit scary. It wasn’t until she said 125 days equates to 3000 hours that I realized how quickly this experience would go by.

3000 hours? Are you kidding me? And I have to give up 24 of them per day? Hearing that number instantly changed my outlook on my time here. While 6 months seemed like such a long time to be experiencing so much of the unknown, 3000 hours does not seem like it will suffice. And so I have promised myself that I would make each and every one of those 3000 hours count, because I know I will never have an experience like this again in my life, where my only commitment is going to school 4 days a week and having the opportunity to see as much of the world (well, Europe I guess) that I want.

So, to my friends and family in Seattle, Hollister, and everywhere in between, how are you making these 3000 hours without me count?