London Calling

Kaur_1_1Passport: Check.

Money: Check

Luggage: Check

Lenses: Check

By far the most important thing on the above list is lenses, and not just because I’m practically blind without them. I had and eye exam about a month ago and got a new set of glasses. As anyone that wears glasses knows, when you get that new pair, everything is clearer but also a bit disconcerting because your eyes take a few days to adjust to the new prescription. My depth perception is always a bit skewed the first few days and the ground looks less stable somehow. Before I catch my plane today, I’m leaving my old pair of glasses at home and taking my new pair. I figure I need the clarity going into a new country. To perceive everything with a fresh lens. And the slight adjustment time needed to get used to the prescription will constantly remind me I’m looking through a lens and will force me to be conscious of what I’m seeing. I know, how corny, but whatever. I’m all about symbolism.

It’s been sunny here in Seattle the last few days and I’ve been having a great time catching up with friends and family before I leave. The cherry blossoms were in bloom on the quad and finals are over so everyone actually had some time to enjoy it. I know the cherry blossoms are a bit of a cliché thing to be excited about but I’m graduating this June so this was my last blooming as an undergrad and I’m as sentimental as a Sarah McLachlan song. Sometimes you forget how much you have to leave behind. This week was a nice reminder of how many amazing people I have in my life to come back home to. For now though, I’m looking forward to meeting the people waiting for me in London. I got an e-mail from my host family in London wishing me a safe flight. I’m excited to meet them. In the e-mail they said such delightfully British things, like “I will come collect you from the station”. Here’s hoping I get to the station without getting lost. Then again, getting lost can be fun too.

Well, I will be sure to write down all the fun things I see along the way.

Ciao for now.